House of Flying Daggers

Pat’s Film Club at the Plaza continues with a One Night Only screening of the magnificent Chinese epic, HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS – one of the most beautiful, moving and action packed martial arts films ever made.
Action, romance, amazing visuals – what else could we ask for?
And it’s showing from a magnificent 35mm film print!
In the Ninth Century, during the reign of the Tang dynasty in China, there exists a secret organization called The House of Flying Daggers.
It exists to oppose the current government, and steals from the rich to give to the poor. When two captains of the government army, Leo and Jin, investigate a young dancer named Mei for her ties to the Flying Daggers, they decide to use her to get close to the organization’s leaders.
Leo arrests Mei, only to have Jin break her free. Things are complicated more when both men reveal their love for Mei, and it leads them to tragedy

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