Juggernaut / Speed

Sunday June 30th

Don’t miss two classic ‘bomb disposal’ thrillers

in a super-intense double feature.

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At 6pm


First up, delve into the intense suspense of Juggernaut, Richard Lester’s masterfully crafted British thriller. This 1974 film boasts an all-star UK cast, including Richard Harris, David Hemmings, Ian Holm, John Stride, and Anthony Hopkins​.

Inspired by a real-life bomb threat against the QE2, Juggernaut tells the story of a terrorist who plants seven bombs aboard a trans-Atlantic cruise ship and demands a massive ransom to reveal how to disarm them.

Richard Harris leads the bomb disposal team in a high-stakes race against time, while Anthony Hopkins frantically searches for the bomber, with his wife and son trapped on the ship​​.

Shot largely on a real ocean liner in the rough seas of the North Atlantic, this film’s authentic atmosphere and relentless tension make it a must-see thriller.

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