Little Shop of Horrors / The Blues Brothers


Sunday April 21st

Have a monstrously brilliant Slice of “Saturday Night [Live]” with this foot-stomping, show-stopping double bill.



Join me this month for a brilliant double-bill of 80s classic movie musicals – connected not just by being absolutely awesome, but also by the leading roles the give to alumni of the legendary US television show “Saturday Night Live”.

First we have Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, John Candy, Jim Belushi joined by Broadway star Ellen Greene in Frank Oz’s (The Muppets and Yoda!) adaptation of the musical smash hit LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.

Not just one of the best screen adaptations of a musical ever put on film, LITTLE SHOP has an extraordinary display of puppetry as put-upon florist Seymour Krelborn (Moranis) donates his blood to raise an alien plant so he can win over his true love Audrey (Greene, reprising her stage performance). By the time the plant is fully grown, it required over twenty puppeteers working at once to make Audrey II come to life.

Full of great songs, brilliant sight gags (Steve Martin’s Dentist is a show-stopper) and amazing film making, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is quite rightly one of the most loved movie musicals of all time.

At this event we’re going to be showing the rarely-seen DIRECTOR’S CUT of the film, which follows the storyline of the original Broadway show. Due to reactions at previews of the film, this ending was radically re-shot and changed, so now we have a chance to see the film as Frank Oz originally intended it to be seen.

For those who love the Release version, we will be showing this ending as well, as a supplement after the film – so you can choose which one you like best!


After catching our breath, we then join SNL originals Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi in John Landis’ spectacular THE BLUES BROTHERS.

Jake and Elwood embark on a musical Odyssey as they reunite their old Rhythm’n’Blues Band to raise money to save the Orphanage they grew up in – “ON A MISSION FROM GOD”!

Incredible car chases, phenomenal musical interludes from the Blues Brothers, James Brown, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker and Aretha Franklin, backed by a band of legendary Motown/Atlantic musicians make this one of they most unique musical comedies in movie history – and one of the most loved.

If this film were a stick of rock, it would have CULT running through it.

Don’t miss this spectacular night of Comedy and Music – and BOOK EARLY – this one is likely to be busy!

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