Dublin Harmonies: Once and Sing Street

Sunday July 30th

Join us for a Summer tribute to the city of Dublin, home of romance and sweet, sweet music…

This summer, prepare to immerse yourself in the heartwarming melodies and captivating narratives of acclaimed Irish filmmaker, John Carney.

Pat’s Film Club is thrilled to present a double-bill featuring two of Carney’s best – the Oscar-winning “Once” and the critically adored “Sing Street”.

“Once”, Carney’s understated 2007 masterpiece, is a modern-day musical set on the streets of Dublin. This low-budget gem marries the raw power of music with a poignant exploration of love and longing.

Led by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, “Once” resounds with authenticity, resonating with audiences around the world.

This beloved film received numerous accolades, the pinnacle of which was the Academy Award for Best Original Song – ‘Falling Slowly’. In this heartrending film, Carney reminds us all that music is the universal language of human emotion, capable of connecting hearts across time and space.

It’s a film that means a lot to me – I saw it on the first day of release in London, knowing very little about it apart from it’s Audience Award at Sundance. I fell in love with it on the spot, and over the next few weeks I kept on inviting friends to see it, mainly so I could see it again.

It started a longtime love of the work of both performers, and I have seen them on stage both separately and together many times over the years – I vividly remember a Christmas Charity gig in Dublin with my girlfriend at the time, finishing in the early hours with a crowd rendition of The Auld Triangle; the audience being invited to sit on the floor by the stage in St James’ church in Piccadilly, London; and an intimate night at Bush Hall with Marketa giving a wonderful rendition of Gently Johnny (from last month’s film, The Wicker Man).

Not to mention the number of times I saw the Stage version on both Broadway and the West End (where an old friend of mine, Mark Carlisle, played “Da” in the second cast)

So forgive me if I get a bit emotional on the night!

For the second act, we dive headfirst into the vibrant world of 1980s Dublin with “Sing Street”.

This 2016 sensation echoes the pulsating energy of the era, all while telling a touching coming-of-age story infused with iconic ’80s music. “Sing Street” is an ode to youth, passion, and the transformative power of art.

Noted for its original music and performances, the film charmed critics and audiences alike, earning a Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture.

This riveting double-bill offers a gorgeous, emotional journey through the profound realms of music, love, and human connection.

Carney’s signature style, blending real-world romance with enchanting musical landscapes, creates a cinematic experience that lingers long after the final chords have faded away.

The raw emotion, incredible music, and intimate storytelling within both “Once” and “Sing Street” make this an unmissable opportunity to see these on the big screen – large and LOUD!

Join us at Pat’s Film Club for an unforgettable journey through the heart and soul of Dublin, as seen through the lens of some of Ireland’s most gifted storytellers.

Prepare to be swept off your feet by the soul-stirring harmonies and compelling stories of “Once” and “Sing Street”.

This is not just a film screening, but a melodic embrace, capturing the very essence of human connection and dreams.

Mark your calendars, tune your hearts to the rhythm of these captivating tales, and dive into this magical world with us. Be ready to laugh, cry, and most importantly, to fall in love with the enchanting fusion of music and film.

Let’s celebrate the symphony of life together, only at Pat’s Film Club.

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